I   Preparatory phase of competitors and instructors - January, February 2010
1.  Preparation of competitors, instructors and selections, testing and exam for coaches, exams for
1-8 dan black belts, referees, martial arts referees. Preparation will be organized in spa Kanjiza:
-physical training
-tactical-technical trainings
-Recording the results of medical examinations in to the budo passports
2.  Control tournaments and seminars, exams for 1-8 dan, instructors, (South America, Argentina, Chile,            Paraguay)
II  Pre-Competition phase - Control phase
3.  Selection, seminar and tournament, promotion of 1-8 dan, Inter Karate Martial Arts Tournament
-participation of clubs and teams from 5 states
-teams of juniors, seniors and younger categories
-Sivac, Serbia
-28.02.2010. or 07.03.2010. Sunday
4.  Seminar in Region of Arad-Timisoara, Romania
III  Competition Phase
5.  15th Traditional Inter Karate and Martial Arts Cup of Kragujevac 2010
-Promotion of 1-8 dan degrees and licenses for referees
-Sunday, 28.03.2010. Kragujevac, Serbia
6.  28th Championship of Serbia, Novi Sad, Zabalj 2010
-Open Inter Martial Arts Cup (participation of every team in every existing categories)
-Promotion of 1-8 dan
-Sunday, 11.04.2010. or 18.04.2010. in Sport Hall of Zabalj
-detailed letter follows
7. 20th European Cup of Pecs, Hungary
-participation of competitors up to 21 years
- detailed letter follows
-April, May 2010
8. Traditional Cup of Modrica, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2010
-participation of every selections
-promotion of 1-8 dan
-April, May 2010
- detailed letter follows

9. Seminar, exam and promotion in Region of Timok
a) Zajecar, Serbia
-exam for national and international referees, black belts 1-8 dans,
b) Knjazevac, Serbia
-exam for national and international referees, black belts 1-8 dans,
-15-16th May 2010
-detailed letter follows
10. Seminar, Karate Tournament of Vrnjacka Banja 2010
-exam for black belts 1-8 dan,
-May 2010
-detailed letter follows
11. European Karate Budo Cup of Wien, Austria
-detailed letter follows
12. European Cup for juniors, Slovakia 2010
-competition up to 21 years
-promotion of 1-8 dan
-Jun 2010
-detailed letter follows
13. The 44th Summer Karate Cup of Subotica 2010
-promotion of black belts 1-8 dan and diplomas for referees and instructors
-participation of every categories
-meeting of the Federation and the refinement of the work plan for the second season
-Subotica, 06.06.2010. Sunday
-detailed letter follows
14. Seminars, exams for black belts 1-8 dan, referees, instructors (South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe)
-Jun, July 2010
15. Seminars, exams for black belts 1-8 dan, referees, instructors (Australia-Adelaide, Sidney, New Zealand-Auckland, Welington)
-July 2010
16. Open Karate Cup of Euro-Asia 2010, Krasnodar Russia
-competition in every categories
-exam for 1-8 dan and seminar with:
Kancho Soke Takemasa Okuyama 10th dan Japan-World
         Shi-Soki Žiko G. Bečanović 9th dan Serbia-Europe
17. 20th Traditional Karate Cup of railway workers - Lajkovac 2010, Serbia
-promotion of 1-8 dans
-Sunday, 16.09.2010.
-detailed letter follows
18. Traditional Karate and Martial Arts Cup "35 year of karate in Backa Topola"
-promotion of 1-8 dan
-delivery of plaques for instructors, sponsors .
-Sunday, 26.09.2010.
-detailed letter follows
19. Inter Karate Cup Chustendil - Bulgaria 2010
-Every categories and promotion of 1-8 dan
-October 2010
-detailed letter follows
20. Open World Cup Italy 2010
-October 2010
-detailed letter follows
21. World Karate Cup USA 2010, Chicago-New York-Los Angeles
-seminar, exam for 1-8 dan
-World Cup of Martial Arts - every categories
-detailed letter follows
22. 15th Karate Cup of Timisoara 2010, Romania
-November 2010
-detailed letter follows
23. 45th Traditional New Year`s Karate Cup of Subotica 2010
-December 5th  2010
-detailed letter follows
         -Advertising Federal calendar is under construction and will be delivered soon
         -Any changes will be flagged in time


President of European Karate Federation
Shi-Soky Žiko G. Bečanović 9.dan